The change of the logo of "Go-One"=u„˜rvuntil trademark registration decision

The logo of "Go-One"=u„˜rv was designed a by Mr. apache.He graduated from the Bunka fashion college.
After having belonged to the design team of Japanese brand JOYRICH from LA,he became independent from 2013.
He is active mainly on the design of the fashion based on the sense that he trained with domestic and foreign brands.

ŸApache Official website
ŸJOYRICH Official website

œThe second step
As a result of having decided material to a Nilotic corcodile, at the second stage, Mr.Apache has shown us the candidates of the design which gathered for the combination of tusk of the crocodile and the product name "Go-One"=u„˜rv .

œThe first step
At the first stage Mr.Apache has shown us the candidates of the logo in a motif to the planned materials to use and a wrist watch and a Japanese style.