Feature of "Go-One"=urv

A Japanese craftsman having the best technique produces "Go-One"=urvwith best material.

Material FCrocodile (Nilotic corcodile) of the highest grade

The Nilotic corcodile has the spot called "the pore". It is the small hole which seemed to be stabbed with a needlewhen a Nilotic corcodile performs cutaneous respiration.
It is the easy criterion that is a good-quality Nilotic corcodile that there is this "pore".
Please refer to "the pore" of the Nilotic corcodile with one piece of following images.

the Genuine buckle of ROLEX is attached

Processing to block up the sewing machine hole with urethane

Putting urethane on the back side to block up the seam of the sewing machine thread and it prevents an invasion of the sweat. This processing largely defends the deterioration such as the the crazing and the outbreak of the bad smell due to the sweat that is apt to occur on a leather strap.

[Feature5]We can produce "Go-One"=urvto the size of your arm.
Average size of U.S.A.
Length of Buckle side85mm3.346inch
Width of Buckle side20mm0.787inch
Thickness of Buckle side4.5`2.5mm0.177`0.098inch
Length of other side125mm4.921inch
Width of other side20mm0.787inch
Thickness of other side4.5`2.5mm0.177`0.098inch
Length of Pedestal140mm5.511inch
Max width of Pedestal40mm1.575inch
Thickness of Pedestal3.5mm0.138inch